My plan is built on three principles:

Every Calgarian is an Investor

We all chose to live here. That’s our investment in Calgary. You deserve a return on your investment in the form of critical community infrastructure, strong public transit, access to housing and the opportunity to start a business or work for a company that respects your talents.

To maintain Calgary’s edge, we need to: 

  • Negotiate predictable funding streams from other orders of government that allow Calgary to complete its transit network and offer housing affordability in a way that cuts the red tape of applying for grants.

Demand Fairness & Respect

40% of the property taxes you pay to the City of Calgary are transferred to the province. If Calgary retained even a portion of these funds, we could eliminate the bureaucratic waste of sending money to the province only to later ask for it back through grants, ultimately stabilizing and lowering your tax bill. Every dollar of tax you pay – of investment you make in this city – deserves to be spent on you and your community.

To eliminate the red tape and complete our communities, we need to:

  • Dedicate a portion of the 40% transfer payment toward offsetting the gap in operating revenues during this period of prolonged depreciating downtown market values.

Recovery Requires a Team

We achieve our fullest potential through collaboration and shared vision. We need to ensure that our businesses and social organizations are strongly connected to local government. Most critical is the building of cross-sector partnerships, supported by a strong team of councillors committed to fairness for all Calgarians.

We can foster strong city-building relationships by:

  • Engaging community leaders early and often, ensuring Calgarians’ lived experiences shape the City of Calgary’s policies and practises.
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