Get your lawn sign today!

We aren’t your average campaign! Bring it to life with our custom DIY campaign toolkit.

Show off your artistic talent through drawings, mugs, pins, or even customize a bandanna for your pet! 

Brochure Translations

Brochure Translations

We have a set of brochures in the following languages. Please check back for updates and if you see a language that we should provide, please just give us an email.


Colour your vision for Calgary

Supporters have been proudly wearing Jyoti’s heart on their sleeve, and others have been expanding Jyoti’s reach into the Garden Elf realm, her biggest little supporters yet!

Branding beyond your front yard!

Download a set of JPGs sized for virtual meeting backgrounds. The not-so-subtle way of showcasing your support for Jyoti.

Zoom Backgrounds

Social Media Frame

Add a Jyoti frame to your social media profile photo. Showing your support can be as easy as a couple of clicks. Let your network know you see Jyoti Gondek as Calgary’s mayor.

Social Frames

Election Signage

Print off election signs in full colour or black and white. A great colouring project for the whole family!

Election Signs

Jyoti Coffee Mug

Upload the PDF artwork below to any a print-on-demand vendor.

Get your lawn sign today!
DIY Buttons

& More

Are you keen to embroider a baseball hat or make your own t-shirt with the Jyoti brand? We have a complete DIY brand kit where you can download and put the artwork to WORK!

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