"One of the greatest challenges in starting up a new district council for an international organization is finding dedicated local experts who can generate excitement in the community. Jyoti’s ability to take the successful research and education initiatives of the Urban Land Institute and bring them to Alberta has been remarkable. She is a committed volunteer and dynamic speaker whose passion for building and shaping healthy, vibrant communities is contagious."

Amy Vandervelde - Chair, Urban Land Institute (ULI) Alberta District Council


"I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jyoti on numerous initiatives in the corporate world and within the broader community, and have been immensely impressed with her poise, intelligence, collaborative nature and strong sense of the importance of building strong relationships and effective partnerships."

Richard Gotfried - MLA, Calgary-Fish Creek


"I was impressed with Jyoti’s ability to consult with public, private and academic sector experts in creating a degree program that will assist students in understanding the economic, social and environmental considerations that are critical for forward-thinking cities. Jyoti's strong commitment to the broad community of Calgary and her understanding of how the City should work will make her an outstanding Councillor."

Ron Ghitter, QC – Co-Chair, Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies, Haskayne School of Business

"In my time as a member of the Calgary Planning Commission, I have often looked at the work Jyoti did while she was a volunteer member on this commission, and have been inspired by her challenges to policies and processes that hinder our ability to meet the goal of creating great places to live. Jyoti's commitment to improving citizens' lives in Calgary is her motivation for running in this election."

Lourdes Juan - Founder & Executive Director, Leftovers Foundation/Director, Hive Developments


"I found that one of the keys to Jyoti’s successful performance in achieving her PhD is her ability to listen and evolve ideas based on feedback. She is a quick thinker and a quick study, with an unwavering focus on understanding how we can create better communities and cities for the people who live in them."


Dr. Harry Hiller – Faculty Professor, University of Calgary 



Jyoti Gondek for Ward 3 Calgary City Council 2017