Priority #1: Ensure the needs of Ward 3 communities are not overlooked

Our ward is diverse. It is comprised of established communities, as well as others that are newly emerging. We have a variety of people, housing, neighbourhoods and jobs that form an amazing place to call home.

For too long, however, many members of City Council have perceived Ward 3 as a cookie-cutter suburban community. This is a flawed perception that has led to decision-making that does not effectively serve the real day-to-day lives of Ward 3 residents and communities.

Your Ward 3 representative needs to be able to effectively articulate the realities of north central Calgary to other members of City Council. Ward 3 needs a leader that can sound the alarm on the impact of critical infrastructure shortcomings, and take action on the needs of our communities.

North Central LRT

  • The proposed Stage 1 of the Green Line shortchanges Ward 3. North central Calgary has proven ridership that deserves an upgrade from bus service to LRT sooner rather than later. I will fight to secure further funding and ensure construction of the Green Line does not stop at 16th Avenue NW.

Vivo (formerly Cardel Place)

  • While Calgary City Council approved the construction of four state-of-the-art recreation centres in other parts of the city at a cost of almost half a billion dollars, the needs of north central residents at Vivo have been ignored. This facility has been bursting at the seams for years, resulting in less children, seniors and families in Ward 3 who can participate in recreational activity close to home. I will continue to fight for the long overdue investment in the expansion of Vivo.


  • The inability to prioritize the role of the City of Calgary in establishing school sites and the lack of creativity in funding methods for building schools has resulted in multiple generations of students facing long commutes for basic education. While the school boards and provincial government have a big role to play in delivery of educational programming to students, it should be the City of Calgary that leads in establishing school locations, as well as innovative partnerships to fund construction much earlier in a community’s existence. Schools must be the hub around which communities are planned and built. Instead of telling you that schools are not part of the city government’s mandate, I will be your champion at Council to fight for new approaches to delivering schools in our communities.
Jyoti Gondek for Ward 3 Calgary City Council 2017