Jyoti's Priorities

Priority #1: Ensure the needs of Ward 3 communities are not overlooked

Our ward is diverse. It is comprised of established communities, as well as others that are newly emerging. We have a variety of people, housing, neighbourhoods and jobs that form an amazing place to call home.

Priority #2: Smarter Models for Infrastructure

The traditional model of creating infrastructure in Canadian cities is to patch together funding from property taxes at the municipal level, and then beg for matched funds from provincial and federal governments. We receive money when it is politically convenient for politicians at the other levels of government. Here’s the problem: regardless of the level of government that provides funding to the city, it’s ultimately your money as taxpayers. It makes planning for our future needs difficult, and it’s not working.

Priority #3: Focus on the Economy

Rebuilding Calgary’s economy will not be an easy task, nor will it be accomplished overnight. Collective action and collaboration is needed to help Calgary rebound from this disruption and secure our economic future. It’s going to take cooperation between the private, public and social sectors. And we’ll need to check our egos at the door. There’s no single person or organization to blame for the downturn, so let’s stop trying to take individual credit for the ideas that can improve our economic situation.

Priority #4: A Compassionate City

There are many aspects of governing a city that are tangible and can be measured with numbers. That’s why we tend to focus on things like budgets, employment statistics and population changes. These are all critical elements of creating great cities. However, it’s sometimes attention to the less  tangible social issues that can have the greatest impact to both the average citizen and the most vulnerable amongst us.

Jyoti Gondek for Ward 3 Calgary City Council 2017