News Release: Jyoti Gondek, Vision to Action for Ward 3

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October 15, 2017 - Calgary, Alberta: With one last day in the City Council election, Jyoti Gondek’s campaign for Ward 3 Councillor will end as it began - at the doors.

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The Secret to a Strong Campaign: Hard Work & Transparency

With our city’s economy slowly rebounding, and so many of our Ward 3 residents and Calgarians finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s critical for us to be represented by a City Council that can act in a transparent and collaborative manner for our collective prosperity. Just like you, my supporters are Calgary residents and businesses who feel that our next Ward 3 Councillor has an important role to play in the future of our communities and our city.

My Multi-generational Household (or Why I still live with My Mum)

When my husband and I were married 21 years ago, my parents sat us down and explained their hope that we would be open to a blended/multi-generational household in the future, should they ever need care as they aged. 

The Broken Process of Golf Course Redevelopment

The redevelopment of the Harvest Hills Golf Course has been a messy and charged matter from its outset. Many residents of Ward 3 point to this redevelopment as the biggest example of how the City has little regard for its citizens. Others are outraged that their voices were not heard in the engagement process. The amount of misinformation that continues to swirl around this redevelopment is troubling and creating rifts between individuals, community groups and the City of Calgary. I’m taking this opportunity to provide my perspective on what happened and how the process must be improved.

The Arena Question – Why Negotiations Have Failed

From my conversations with residents over the past few months, it's clear that many Calgarians are interested in understanding the benefits and potential spin-off effects of a new arena in the downtown area. There’s also a quick answer to why an arena deal in Calgary continues to evade us: lack of an effective negotiation process.


A Return to Trust, Humility and Respect

One of my volunteers on the campaign team posed a question as we were door knocking a month ago. She asked, “Why are you saying that you’d like to earn people’s trust and their vote, instead of asking if you can count on their support?” The answer for me was pretty simple – I expected that Ward 3 residents would want to do their research before they chose a candidate to support. That sparked a great conversation and I’d like to share the highlights with you.



Welcome to my new website, where you’ll be able to find some more information about me, my experience for this important role of Ward 3 Councillor, and my vision for what we need to accomplish together.

Jyoti Gondek for Ward 3 Calgary City Council 2017