Welcome to my new website, where you’ll be able to find some more information about me, my experience for this important role of Ward 3 Councillor, and my vision for what we need to accomplish together. This website has been designed to address what I’ve heard from you at the doors, during community events, in grocery line-ups and at our local businesses.

You’ll be able to find a map of Ward 3 with its new boundaries, as well as a snapshot of our people and households. There’s also a section dedicated to my priorities for this election and the next four years of Council decision-making, as well as a link to the Calgary Elections website.

First, I’d like to address the common questions that you have raised when I’ve had the chance to speak with you: why am I running for Ward 3 Councillor & why am I the right choice?

I’d like you to think about your own network of friends and acquaintances for a moment. You’ll probably recall some familiar faces, which you may know from the neighbourhood, some from work, others from volunteering and maybe a few through shared activities with your family. While your lives may be different, you’re connected with each other through the things you do, and your common concern about the future of your community and your city.

It’s encouraging to know that all of us, despite our diverse lives and experiences, can come together at different times to engage in common pursuits. That’s also what we need to do at the municipal level, fostering cooperation between the public, private and social sectors to get Calgary back on track, and help us rebound from this economic disruption to our lives. It’s up to us to work together to challenge status quo and regroup for our collective benefit.

But working together requires effort and trust, as well as honest, transparent dialogue with stakeholders who may hold different views. For Calgary, this means that the walls between community, industry and civic government must be knocked down. We must take off our blinders and remove our hands from our ears to see and hear the perspectives of others.

Because cities are the intersection of people and place, building great ones requires an understanding of the experiences of citizens, how they live and how they work, so we can make their everyday lives a little bit easier and therefore a little bit better. Calgary has an opportunity to set a new course. Our pattern of local engagement in the past few years has slid dramatically towards negativity and argument. We have lost sight of the power that lies in uniting for a common goal, for the common good. We need a Council that can work together, for the benefit of the residents it serves, because there is far too much at stake for our city.

Let’s get on with the business of building a city filled with dynamic spaces and distinct places, recognizing that Calgary is successful because it is the sum of its parts. That’s what I plan to do from my place in this city, from Ward 3. While we can appreciate the services and amenities that have helped shape our north central communities over time, we have also taken on a great deal of growth that has overwhelmed us, and we have been overlooked for the vital infrastructure needed to lead fulfilling lives.

Why am I running in this election? My mission in seeking the position of Ward 3 Councillor is to practice the type of city-building that recognizes the intersection of people and place, that understands people’s everyday lives, and provides them with every opportunity to feel they have made the right choice in calling North Calgary their home.

Why am I the right choice to be your voice at City Council? The task of representing ward interests while maintaining a laser focus on carrying Calgary into a prosperous urban future is something that I have spent a decade learning how to do well. My education, my professional experience, and my 20 years in Ward 3 have brought me to this point. This is my calling.

The north is rising. I am your voice. Are you ready?


Jyoti Gondek for Ward 3 Calgary City Council 2017